Student life

We have created a conducive environment for the students with amenities to support them and ensure they succeed in their school life. Mountain View is a fun place for the kids and we provide exciting activities like swimming, music training, skating, drama, ballet dancing, taekwondo and Karate, fashion and modelling as well as horse riding.

Guidance and counselling

Our guidance and counselling team support the teachers in resolving and helping the students on personal problems they may have. The main of this department is to ensure we bring up kids that can we co-exist with others and are well behaved.

We focus on both individual and group counselling depending on the matter at hand. We also strive to involve the parents as much as possible in case of any problems that may arise.

Field Trips

To impact practical life skills to the kids the school organizes field trips where students can learn outside the normal academic life. The school strives to match the field trips relevant to the academic teaching to enable the students learn concepts practically. The school trips also gives the kids a platform to bond and socialize with each other and the outside world.

Some of the field trips include:
  • Game park drives
  • Children homes
  • Museums
  • Animal orphanages
  • Factories


As a way to help the kids socialize and to feel part of a team we have a number of clubs that the kids can be. The clubs help the kids develop soft skills and other important life skills.

Some of the field trips include:
  • Music club
  • Drama club
  • Fashion and modelling club
  • The Bible club
  • Scout movement
  • Arts club


Sports is an important aspect in the kids life and not just for their physical fitness but also for their minds too. We have created a conducive environment for the students with amenities to support them and ensure they are all rounded.

we provide exciting activities like:
  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Taekwondo
  • Horse riding
  • Football
  • Volley ball
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Handball

Pastoral care

Mountain View school was established with Christian values in mind. We strive to instill these values to our kids and we have established a pastoral care to take care of the kids’ spiritual needs.

This department ensures that we offer emotional support to our kids so that they feel safe, happy, feel involved in the school community and also for their wholesome development.

We have a qualified team of pastoral care staff who teach the children Christian values, instill bible knowledge and how treat others.

Boarding facilities

Our boarding facilities adopts a family set up which makes the students feel at home. We have established house mothers and fathers that are assigned to the learners to help them through academic and train them on other life skills. The boarders are encouraged to live freely and each dormitory is assigned a small number of learners each with house mothers for the girls and house fathers for the boys. The students are also provided with balanced diet meals to ensure they are comfortable and healthy.